Friday, May 21, 2010

Was the tooth fairy scary?

It wasn't scary, but thought it was a good movie, a change of pace.

Was the tooth fairy scary?
Well, she was the one who knocked my teeth out in the first place!
Reply:In the movie Darkness Falls she was!!

Can you prove that the Tooth Fairy does not exist?

I know in my heart she does, and I have the quarter to prove it. Change your evil ways or you will keep your funny little baby teeth forever.

Can you prove that the Tooth Fairy does not exist?
You can never prove that something doesn't exist, just that there is only a microscopic possibility - just like mythical dieties.
Reply:can u prove she does
Reply:testify my brother!!!!!!!!!
Reply:My tooth fairy loves me more. I get a whole dollar!
Reply:I sure can't, she always left money for me!
Reply:The Tooth Fairy doesn't exist?!?!?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

What's next the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause aren't real either?!?!?!?!
Reply:umm.. all the people who 'have wings and know where every little boy and girl lives" are in either high security prisons..mental institutions.. or the neverland ranch...
Reply:Where is she? She still owes me some money!
Reply:she does exist!

I know- one night I went to sleep with my head under the pillow, and I woke up with a mouth full of quarters and no teeth!
Reply:you think she exists? well try locking all door and windows and sleep with your tooth under your pillow. make sure you are the only one in the room and have a alarm clock for the morning. when you wake up, theyre willl not be a quarter. sorry for the cold, harsh truth
Reply:Quarter is not proof of a tooth fairy...obviously it could have been put there by anyone...
Reply:that cheap ***** left me a dime.
Reply:I will test this scientifically. I will knock out all my teeth before I go to bed, if I wake up richer she exists
Reply:ur parents might have put the quater under ur pillow!!!! and prove she exsit u have a big imagination
Reply:hahaha. the tooth fairy left me an xbox 360! better than yours.
Reply:No I can't. But in this state of my life, desiring control and effectiveness, the concept of fairies has no value, thus no need to believe in them.

For example

Triangles exists, even though no one can find one, because I have a need for them. Mathematics and design.

Triangle like things exists, but triangles are concepts used in hypothesis. What use are Fairies? Good story telling maybe? Teaching lessons, same as Jesus?
Reply:I liked the way Nancy regan used to look at reported and say

I'm not dignifying that question with a response

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Is the tooth fairy a gay dentist?

That may well be. He visited our house last week and while he was here he redecorated the entire house. He put a Bette Midler CD under my daughter's pillow. Good to have you back again. I have missed your wit and compassion. So, you had a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich instead? I hear that the Portland Cheesesteak Sandwiches are much better. Of course you know I am kidding. My e-mail address is my Yahoo name and This really works. I have been coresponding with Marianne for several months. I may have irked a few people with my Democratic diatribes, so I am leery of exposing myself to those I might have offended. You are a breath of fresh air.

Is the tooth fairy a gay dentist?
Yes. He has you lay back in the chair belly down.
Reply:Who said the tooth fairy was male?
Reply:Abso-f*cking-lutely. And he is open at night.

Hey soul-lily: Who said dentists are all men?
Reply:lol, probably
Reply:only if he has wings
Reply:If he is, what does he do with the teeth when he gets them?
Reply:no, not to my knowledge
Reply:who said that the tooth fairy is a male for all we know it could be a female?
Reply:thats what me papa told me
Reply:AH HA HA the alien is right!!!!!!
Reply:no it's a girl
Reply:i knew it!!!! im gonna catch that little freak and hang her until she gives me all the fricken money!!!
Reply:Ask your toothbrushes - once they're finished.
Reply:OMG! This question is offensive to gay dentists everywhere! I,m reporting you ;-)

Is the tooth fairy your mom and dad?

Ashley sweety............ the tooth fairy lives with santa...........

Is the tooth fairy your mom and dad?
Yes sweetie. didnt kno that?
Reply:yep, well, when i was young enough and belive the tooth fairy
Reply:no why would u think that?
Reply:sorry to break it to you, but yes they are.

They are YOUR Mom and Dad! lol

Jim D

The tooth fairy is my grandmother! O_O
Reply:You might say this is my belief or my myth of choice.

When children are born they are full of natural Magick. As they grow and are taught by some that Magick isn't real the Magick is slowly absorbed by their baby teeth. When a child begins to lose their baby teeth, the Tooth Fairy always comes to collect them and leave a small present. The teeth are brought into the fairies' circle and danced into releasing the Magick into the world. This is how Magick has lasted and will last as long as there are children.
Reply:My oldest (13) said I sucked as the tooth fairy ,so now SHE is the tooth fairy for her little sis.
Reply:umm lets think about that what do you think.......

OF COURSE!!!!!!!!
Reply:no its the Devil

How much should the tooth fairy pay per lost tooth?

I usually give my kids a silver dollar. They're different and the kids would rather collect them than spend them. Anyone else have any guidelines?

How much should the tooth fairy pay per lost tooth?
when I was growing up my dad would leave a trail of silver coins around my room! I loved losing my teeth! now I do the same for my kids! its the fun of the tooth fairy not the cost! They wont care how much the fairy leaves, they are just happy the toothfairy came. Have fun with it.
Reply:let them do what they want with their money.
Reply:My mom always used to give me a one dollar bill...but I'm not sure!!
Reply:$50.00. Quit being so cheap.
Reply:I only got a quarter as a kid. With inflation, a dollar is good.
Reply:Our local fairy pays €3 per tooth.
Reply:I have given my daughter a dollar (paper) for each tooth.
Reply:I used to get a dollar but now my nieces get $5.00. I would give my kids $5 also and make them save it.
Reply:It would depend on the age of the child. Younger children should get 50 cents and older kids a dollar or so. Thanks for a neat question. It's been ages since I got to pretend to be the tooth fairy with my son.

Enjoy your children.
Reply:A crisp new dollar bill
Reply:Well it depends on how old your child is. For a younger child about 5-7 I say give them about $5.00 per tooth. Teeth don't come out but about every couple of months or so around that age so $5.00 dollars wont be such a strain on your wallet and the child will look forward to buying some goodies and will associate loosing teeth to a happy experience instead of a painful one.
Reply:Back when the tooth fairy visited me in the early 90's I'd be lucky to get 50 cents. A silver dollar sounds good though, especially since they would rather collect, than spend it.
Reply:Give em 2.50$ thats how much I give mine
Reply:the tooth fairy leaves 2 dollars at my house
Reply:It was 6d in old money when I was little (2 1/2p). Now, it's gone up to £1.00. The tooth fairy must be richer than Bill Gates.
Reply:i like your idea.. but mix it up if you live in the usa go get one of those gold dollars that came out in 2000.. you can usally get them at the bank
Reply:i usually leave a dollar and a little thank you note that i made up on the computer they love it
Reply:I LOVE your silver dollar idea!! Wish I would have thought of that when my kids were little. Yes, $1 per tooth is plenty.
Reply:when the kids were little they got 50 cents a tooth now that they are losing the bigger teeth and are older they get a $1
Reply:I used to give my kids $2.oo and a pack of sugar free gum.
Reply:$1= normal tooth

$2= front tooth or molar

$3= first lost tooth

Have Fun! %26lt;3
Reply:I got a quarter as a child. With my kids I usually just give them a dollar.
Reply:give them a two dollar bill
Reply:i used to get 5$ until i stopped beliving...GREAT now i get 1$
Reply:Ok- for the first lost tooth, I believe my daughter received $10.00. Any tooth after that was a few dollars.

Hard to believe when I was a kid I got a quarter...
Reply:well5 dollars if its a huge tooth 2 bucks for a medium one and for the tiny one 1 dollar wud do
Reply:1 billion dollars..... i wish.
Reply:When I lost my first tooth I got 2 dollars, and for all the rest I got 1 dollar.

I think that the silver dollar is a good idea.
Reply:Find 2 dollar bills, they're rare and your kids will be happy.

Is the tooth fairy real?

yes the tooth fairy is real %26amp; if you don't believe then the fairies will not come, i am 26 %26amp; got a tooth out the other month %26amp; i was left £2 from the fairies.

Is the tooth fairy real?
If you're under 8, YES.. She is very real!
Reply:Of course dear!
Reply:Of course! We always got money from her when we were kids.
Reply:Are you for real??? Of course she's real ... tut tut
Reply:yeah of course
Reply:of course she is !!! Don't doubt her or she might not come the next time !
Reply:To a 5 year old they are very real..
Reply:Haha.... i always told my fiance that if i had a kid, i will tell him to place his tooth under the pillow and the tooth fairy will exchange it with a gift.
Reply:of course :0)

I'm too old for her now, I wish she would come and give me some new teeth
Reply:yeh, course,
Reply:Owh Yer babie its a boy tho by the way not a girl fairy x
Reply:Of course.

How else do you think she gets under your pillow and takes your tooth and exchanges it for money without you waking up?
Reply:what have you heard? who`s been saying things? of course she`s real don`t listen to the lie`s
Reply:This is a question you should ask mum or dad.
Reply:of course she is
Reply:Yes she is very real! She only visits children though us adults are not that lucky.
Reply:Do you find money instead of a tooth under your pillow in the morning?

She is definately real!
Reply:Of course the tooth fairy is real!!

Sometimes older kids or grown ups forget about the tooth fairy because they have already lost all their baby teeth and don't need her anymore and don't believe she exists. They have forgotten how when they were sleeping she came into their room and took their tooth and left them a special surprise!
Reply:No no no no it is your parents. same with santa and the easter bunny
Reply:roflmao no
Reply:Yes but she is fussy. She will not leave money for dirty or decayed teeth. So children need to keep their teeth clean or the tooth fairy will be upset when she looks under their pillow, and she won't come again unless she knows that the teeth are being brushed properly. Also she doesn't come to adults, just children losing milk teeth because milk teeth have magic powers in Fairy-land, but dirty teeth lose their magic powers.
Reply:Yes and so is Santa. But if you stop believing, they won't come!!!

and don't listen to pinkgirl - I bet she only got 5p a tooth!! she's only bitter.
Reply:yes it is...i was 10years old and found the tooth gone with money under my now 21year and i still ask my mum if she did it??..she said she didnt do weird, i think it is real
Reply:only till you're about 8
Reply:yes - and apparently the going rate for a tooth is a fiver now!! And a tenner for the first tooth!! I wish my teeth would fall out!! :)

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Does The Tooth Fairy Dread going to Alabama?


Does The Tooth Fairy Dread going to Alabama?
Used to but she set up a hub there just like what UPS does. that hub has the state divided into 6 regional offices each with 3 faries that work designated routes. That way the head fairy (which is the only real tooth fairy) doesn't even have to go to Alabama except for employee reviews and stuff like that. I understand that she is about to roll out similar organizations in Kentucky and Arkansas.
Reply:She goes broke there.
Reply:yeah, and a speed freak's house also.
Reply:No, b/c she doesn't pay after your 9th b-day.
Reply:LOL! that ain't right! LOL!

so not funny

speaking of course as someone from alabama

now had you mentioned another state...well then maybe
Reply:NO she dreads going to Kentucky

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